Things to Know about Inkjet VS Laser Printer

In our daily use, we might find two common types of printer we usually use for printing. Those printers are inkjet printer and laser printer. Both inkjet and laser printer have different specifications in some aspects and sometimes bring pros and cons among the users. Do you want to know deeper about these kinds of printers? Learn more about both inkjet and laser in the following information!

What to Know About Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printer, as one of the most common types of printer that you find and use, has several pros and cons. To understand more about the inkjet printer type, check the following pros and cons information about this printer!

  • Pros

As this type of printer is already popular and many people use it, of course, it has many good sides. For example, this printer is known as a good printer that has high ability in printing documents with many heavy images. The result of printing images with this type of printer will be smoother and details of the colors.

Inkjet type printers usually have a cheaper price and it is quietly affordable to buy the ink cartridges. Overall, the prices for inkjet printers are more affordable. Besides that, the size of the printer is also smaller that make the printers are lighter. Moreover, if you have an inkjet printer, you will be more flexible in using the paper since it is welcome for glossy photo paper using or other papers as well.

  • Cons

Some cons you have to know about inkjet printers are that you have to be more diligent in cleaning this kind of printer. Besides that, you also have to know that the inkjet printers might be quiet fast but it still slower when you compare it with the laser printers.

What to Know About Laser Printers

After knowing about inkjet printers, it would be better to know about laser printer as well. Same with the inkjet, laser printer also has good sides and not-so-good sides that, at least, you have to know about. Here we go with the pros and cons of laser printer!

  • Pros

The good ability of this printer is that the laser printer has a very fast ability in printing. Even though you print many documents, this printer still okay to work with that. Moreover, if you print your documents with a laser printer, the words that turn out to be your document will be stand out sharply in black. It means this printer has good ability in printing more details and high quality text printing.

If you need a printer that can be your co-worker in handling your high-volume of printing, a laser printer is the best option for this. So, it is good to choose any laser printer if you always need a printer that is strong enough to print any documents in one time.

  • Cons

The thing you have to know about this laser printer is that even though this printer can print in fast speed, you need more time to warm up the printer. You also have to know that the price of the printer itself is usually more expensive. Sometimes, you also have to be aware with the leaked toner which will be very difficult to handle if you still unfamiliar with this kind of printer.

Those pros and cons of inkjet and laser printers could be your consideration in picking the printer for your use. So, please consider the printing volume that you need and also the other factors like price and cartridge price. After you combine those aspects and comparing to one and another, you will find the one that you need more, easily.