Get More Storage with These External Hard Drives!

Do you need more additional storage to keep your important data that can be brought everywhere? Actually, having additional storage to keep your data or software can be helped by the existence of flash drives. Most people already familiar with flash drives and they have it in various size of memory. However, some people prefer to use harddisk or hard drives to keep the bigger memory of documents or files inside.

Best Hard Drives of Harddisk for Use

Flash drives might still become the option for some people because it has a small size and easy to carry. However, the existence of external hard drives can also be an option for you. Even though the size is not that small, it still friendly to be carried everywhere and offers more space for your documents. Then, find your best external hard drives for use here!

  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim

As it has ‘slim’ word on its name, the size of this external hard drives represents it very well. It has a slim size that makes you easy to put it in any pocket of your laptop’s bag. As it has slim shape, this hard drive is very less heavy and you will be easy to carry it. Besides that, this hard drive also has the support of USB 3.0 which will make the transferring data process will be faster.

You can use this hard drive for PC and even Mac because it is supported with NFTS drives for both Mac and PC. So it will be easier for you to transfer your data without considering the system of the device where you will transfer. For the memory, you can find it available up to 2TB.

  • Samsung Portable SSD T5

Actually, this external hard drive is the most recent SSD from Samsung. It still uses the AES 256-bit encryption. However, it is upgraded up to USB 3.1 Gen 2, which means this SSD will have faster performance than its predecessor. Meanwhile, for the memory, it is available up to 2TB, so you can keep many documents as well.

The size of Samsung Portable SSD T5 is also easy to carry everywhere. You can look for the cover for your SSD if you need the safer protection of your important Samsung Portable SSD T5. So, are you interested in having this external hard drive?

  • G-Technology G-drive ev RaW

This external hard disk is supported with USB 3.0 and also SATA interface. Besides that, it comes with variants of HDD and SSD, so you can choose the one that you need more. This external hard drive is actually preformatted for Mac, but if you use Windows instead, you still can reformat this hard drive and make it available for your Windows.

Each external hard drive that already mentioned before has different specification and charm. You can even choose based on its size, its design, memory, and more about the specifications. Whatever is your choice, consider more about the use of the hard drive so that you can choose which one is having the best specifications for your needs.