Canon VS HP; Which One to Choose?

Actually, we can find many brands that produce high quality of printers. For the example, we can find Canon and HP printers in the market. Both HP and Canon are having some differences in producing their printers. As both of the printer producers are popular, knowing more about each capability will be helpful for you to know the differences from both sides.

Differences between Canon and HP Printers

Both HP and Canon are popular among the users. However, some people still curious about what are actually the differences between both the brands. Then, what are the differences? Find it out here!

  • HP Printers

Usually, HP printers have good speed in printing ability. So, if you need to print your document in hurry, it is good to use HP printers. Besides that, it also has a good result in printing any images. Usually, the images will turn out good if you use Inkjet paper, and of course, good quality of images or photo for better result of printing. However, if you use the glossy photo paper, sometimes the result is not that good.

Some printers from HP are only available for one cartridge only. Yet, the price of the ink refill is quietly affordable. If you have a problem with your cartridge, it would be good if you decide to change the cartridge directly, since it would be more helpful and easy for you. Then, for the maintenance, you only need to print, at least, 1 sheet of paper in a week, thanks for the simple maintenance.

The prices of HP printers are usually affordable when it is compared with the other brands. Besides that, you also can find various printers products of HP. If you want to buy HP, you can find the single printer and even all-in-one printer product. Both the types of printers from HP have many series and still in the range of affordable price.

For those who consider having a printer with a good speed of printing ability and affordable price, printers from HP are the solution. Then, you can start to review many products of HP printers before deciding which one is the best.

  • Canon Printers

This one brand of printer is already widely known and the products are already so varied. Canon usually has slower printing ability. However, it is quite good in the image printing. When you compare the price of a Canon cartridge and HP cartridge, the cartridge of Canon will be more expensive, so you have to prepare more money for it.

Some printers have a different type of printers’ construction, so some printers need to be serviced by the expert when it has a problem with the cartridge. Yet, some others only need to change the cartridge. You also need more frequent to maintenance the printers; you need at least do printing for twice a week.

For the price of the printers from Canon, it is not that expensive and not belongs to the most expensive. Yet, it is not also the cheapest one. At least, the range of the price is still affordable for most people and still good for home use only. You also can find the Canon products of All-in-One printer or single printer only.

So, if you want to consider the most affordable printer for home use, choosing HP printers will be good for you. However, in certain aspects, Canon can provide a better result in printing documents. You also can compare the other aspects of both the brands to know which one is more suitable for your needs. At least, these previous comparison is helpful for you to know the basic information about both HP and Canon. That’s all!