Update Your Epson Drivers Now

Epson WF 3620 – Printer is a device that can solve a computer, and not only needed by offices or companies, but also individual users actually need the existence of this device. With printers, we can print various documents that we might need for certain purposes.

Well, so that the printer can function properly as it should, then a printer must be “registered” first on our computer. We can do this by installing the driver from the printer.

With the printer driver installed on our PC, we can print various files from the computer using a printer that has the driver installed on our computer. Therefore, the drivers installed on the computer must always be up to date. This is useful for preventing printer malfunctions, so the printer can always work well.

Epson WF 3620 Drivers Compatibility

One type of printer commonly used, both used by offices and individuals is Epson WF 3620 printer. This type of printer is indeed one type of printer that is commonly used because it has a fairly complete function, can accommodate a variety of needs, but can be obtained at a price which is quite affordable.

This printer can pair with multiple computers at once so as to minimize unnecessary expenses for the company. In addition, this printer also has many functions in one device, such as copy machines and scanners.

In addition, the driver of this printer is also very easy to install on any computer, for example, on a personal computer or PC, or on a laptop. Basically, the driver from this printer is very ‘friendly’ with any computer. So, if you have a printer on this one, then you don’t need to worry about the printer’s interference.

Usually, interference occurs due to out of date drivers. We can overcome this by updating our Epson printer driver, or we can also download the latest version of the Epson WF 3620 driver.

How to Download Epson Drivers for Windows

How to download Epson drivers is very easy. Basically, we only need our computers that are connected to an internet connection, as well as browser software on our devices. Then, we need to visit Epson’s official website.

Inside the official site, there will be lots of files that we can download, including the Epson printer drivers that we use. We just choose the type of printer that we use. Then we select the type, and then there will appear a link to download the driver.

How to Download Epson Drivers for Mac

Basically, how to download drivers for this Mac operating system is the same as the Windows operating system. It’s just that, the difference is in the menu of the driver download options on the Epson site.

If we use the Windows operating system, we will choose Epson drivers for the Windows operating system, according to the version of Windows that we use.

Likewise, with the Mac operating system, we only need to select the download link that goes to the Epson driver file for the Mac operating system. Of course, this step is very easy to do by anyone.

How to Install Epson Drivers on a Computer

To install the Epson driver is also very easy. Good for computers with Windows or Mac operating systems, both are very easy to do. No need to take complicated steps to install the Epson driver.

After we have finished downloading the Epson printer driver, then we can install the driver. We just open the driver file. A dialog window will appear to begin the driver installation.

You just need to follow the guidelines that already exist in the dialog window. By following the steps to complete, the Epson WF 3620 driver that you downloaded earlier will be successfully installed on your computer.

If something goes wrong, you don’t need to panic. You can repeat the installation process from the beginning. However, if an error occurs again, such as the driver cannot be installed correctly, then you should contact the Epson site or you can visit the FAQ column on the site. Well, basically this process won’t take a long time, because, this process is very easy and can be done by anyone. You don’t need to ask for the help of a technician to handle such things.

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Finest Image Printer

Photos are still the very best way to save memories. That’s why photos are gotten at events, unique occasions, some unforgettable sundown, and a young child trying his best to take his primary steps. Pictures are genuinely preferable until the quality is marred by an inefficient photo printer.

As far as memories would go, most of us aren’t shy in shelling additional dollars to get the perfect replication of those sweet memories. An image printer with an average gamut needs to be nonexistent to our options, and those that have low dpi should be neglected.

There are a number of innovations embedded on photo printers and the very best innovation is that in color sublimation printers, which are noted for their capability to print in constant tone. Dye sublimation printers are known for their greater gamut of colors and the procedure of moving color over the print product that is essentially a laminating action. That would make color sublimation prints water resistant.

Canon CD-200 Photo Printer

Having the constant tone printing capability with 288 x 144 dpi of dye-sublimation printing in 24-bit color makes the Canon CD-200 Photo Printer the truest photographic output for a photo printer. It eats a 4 x 6 inches (A6) shiny paper or sticker sheets.

Alternatives of the Canon CD-200 design consists of Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and Macintosh PC compatibility, a CompactFlash disk slot that checks out images straight from video cameras, tv, laser disk, VCR, or DVD players.

Olympus is a brand very well known for their extraordinary line of portable cameras. This Olympus model might make it to the best image printer for its numerous well thought of features.

P-11 Digital Photo Printer

Using a dye-sublimation printing method the P-11 delivers high quality of constant tone color-accurate prints consisting of approximately 16,770,000 colors. It prints on 4 x 6 inches paper in just 33 seconds. To have more idea of this item, find it on this link:

Though rather ignored for the color sublimation technology, inkjet does have the capability to produce fine photographic prints. Here’s a solid image printer from Epson.

Epson Stylus Photo 2200

The accurate constant tone of this design Epson Stylus Photo 2200 is accomplished by its 2880 x 14400 dpi resolution in 4 picoliter ink droplets and has PRINT Image matching innovation. It can likewise print in black and white by exchanging links. And for more benefit, this printer has a roll paper holder with automatic cutter.

Even if for that purpose alone, get the best picture printer in the market. Not the hippest, the most cool-skinned, nor the one that has one of the most features set up. Get the best picture printer that develops a primarily flawless photograph. That method, your dollars will come justified as these printers don’t come in inexpensive.

What would be the finest image printer for you?

Photographs are truly more suitable till the quality is ruined by an ineffectual picture printer.

There are numerous innovations embedded on image printers and the best technology is that in color sublimation printers, which are kept in mind for their capability to print in constant tone. Color sublimation printers are known for their higher gamut of colors and the process of moving dye over the print material that is basically a laminating action. Even if for that purpose alone, get the best image printer in the market. Get the finest image printer that creates a mostly flawless picture.

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Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

Contrast Of Steelpad Steel4s And Steel5l & Evaluation Of Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

It was early March as well as I decided to upgrade my trusty Microsoft Optical mouse that I had been making use of for 2 years and also replace it with something a bit more approximately date … I looked on the internet and also looked into testimonials on mice and afterward begin reading about the combination of computer mice and also mousepads (albeit possibly 3 years later than everyone else…) as well as how crucial the combination could be.

Since I’m a little older as well as the “buy affordable, purchase twice” plan makes a lot feeling, I involved the final thought that I wanted the best mouse and also the most effective mouse floor covering.

This brought me to 2 items

1) Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
2) SteelSeries Mousepad 4S (Stiff metal mouse pad with chemical engraved matt black surface).

I nearly bit the hand of the distribution man on the morning they were supplied, desperately unwrapping them like it was my 10th Birthday– looking good, opened the Steelpad FOUR Steel initially as well as saw the matt black, nearly stealth looking mousepad. Great. Then opened the Logitech box as well as taking a look at the G5 Laser mouse. Very amazed.

I plugged the mouse in and loaded the software… First impressions of the G5.

1) It looked great. Really felt excellent.
2) I didn’t like the wheel (it supplied a great deal even more resistance than the Microsoft Optical mouse– it wasn’t as complimentary wheeling).

I tampered the weights and also made a decision that it had not been for me so I place the Logitech G5 Laser mouse back in its packaging and also called the provider for an RMA number. Extremely let down undoubtedly!


Following for the Steelpad 4S Steel.

Now, this looked good, felt excellent and also best of all, it executed. Utilizing my Microsoft optical mouse on it functioned excellently – nevertheless, it seemed to have quite a bit of noise and friction. I fitted some pad surfers (a strip of self-adhesive low friction product that is supplied with the steel pad) reduced them to dimension and stuck them to the feet of the mouse.


A week passed and I would certainly not had a chance to send out the G5 back – somehow I believed I ‘d offer it an additional shot. I do not recognize why I did this, nevertheless, I ‘d kept reading wonderful reviews as well as though I must be doing glitch right here.

I got it set up as before as well as at first, it felt better on the FOUR Steel surface than the optical. After an hour of me stating that the scroll wheel was too hard to move, I began to get made use of to it. I likewise transformed the switches to ensure that the ‘+’ button was (Ctrl+ Get In), as I use Opera web browser – this works for wand commands and the ‘-‘ switch to change between the present as well as last web page open in Opera (Ctrl+ Tab). Which, if you’re contrasting two websites can be really valuable.

I made use of the left as well as right on the scroll wheel to act as a middle switch to make sure that it would open the picked link in the background. Once more a very beneficial tool.

It was beginning to expand on me. The final straw was that I had a similar MS Optical mouse on another pc in one more space in your home and also once I used it– it really felt so inexpensive and also the scroll wheel, in fact, felt like it really did not have sufficient resistance!

A week or two passed as well as I started to obtain irritated with the scraping noise of the Logitech G5 Laser Mouse on the Steelpad 4S Steel so I ordered some, specially designed, G5 pad-surfers from Steelpad. This seemed to do the trick and also I very carefully got rid of the initial ones from the G5. Much quieter– or at the very least it seemed. A week later I was getting frustrated with the sound once again and also the scratching feeling (sign the fingernails on chalkboard noise)– I ‘d had sufficient.

As I really such as Steelpad’s discussion and performance, but not the noise– I went back as well as got the Steelseries 5L fabric and plastic mouse mat. Wow, instant noise reduction, well-cushioned sensation (not as well soft– just right) as well as it was a little bigger.

I now have the most effective combination of all currently. The most effective mouse and it’s connected the very best mouse-pad (well, in my viewpoint anyhow).

If you desire a terrific mix don’t bother with the FOUR, get the 5L as well as the Logitech G5 laser– there’s no beating this combination!

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Epson WorkForce ET-4550 Reviews, and Support Download

Epson WorkForce ET-4550 is a printer that is suitable for those of you who work in an office or company, because this printer is quite large, and the quality is good enough for you to use in your work, why do I say that, because this printer has Inkjet Technology, the Epson PrecisionCore, Copying Speed Max reaches Up to 11 ppm (mono) / up to 5.5 ppm (color), and Max Printing Resolution reaches Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (mono) / up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (color), Inkjet Technology used in this printer is Inkjet Technology, and can support os: windows, mac, and for those of you who want to reach the needs of this printer like drivers, manuals, software, etc., you can go directly to Epson ET-4550, thank you, hopefully, it can be useful for you.

Epson WorkForce ET-4550

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is a typical office inkjet printer. It’s ideal for personal use or mild common use in the modern micro offices. This printer is somewhat more expensive when compared to comparable models Epson offers, but you pay for the quality and this printer will save a great deal of money on ink.

The ET-4550 has identical attributes when compared to Epson Workforce WF-2650, except that the Ethernet connector also that this printer does not use ink cartridges. The WorkForce ET-4550 is essentially one of Epson’s first printers which use ink tanks. You will need bottles of ink that you pour directly into the tanks.

The Epson WorkForce ET-4550 comes with enough ink to print 11,000 black web pages or 8,500 color pages, both yields are based on ISO/IEC normal evaluation pages. If you compare the exact same number of pages using the WF-2650, it would cost you over #700 worth of ink cartridges, without including the price of the printer.

Its dimensions are 9.5 x 20.3 x 22 inches, you can easily share a desk with this printer. Setting up the printer is simple, it involves regular set up.

The printer includes eight bottles of ink too for every color. The black ink comes at a slightly larger bottle, 140 ml whilst the other colors arrive in 70 ml of ink. On the left-hand side of the printer, there are ink tanks, the sides are translucent which enable you to see how much ink is remaining.

To fill the ink tanks prepare the ink bottle by removing the very top, peel of the seal and then replace the surface. Break off the tip out of the trunk of this bottle. Open the hood from this ink section onto the printer, remove the rubber cap and carefully insert the top of the jar’s neck to the opening of the tank. As soon as you fill the tanks, you can print more than a thousand pages before you need to meet the bottles of inks. The expense of replacing the bottle is just like any standard cartridge cost between #15 -#20.

The quality of printing is better compared to most Multi-function printers. The printing quality of graphics is more than good enough for business, ideal for hand-outs, producing letterheads and printing out PowerPoint presentations.

Photo quality is exceptional when compared to some professional online printers, but your photos may not have a glossy finish because Epson urges Premium Presentation Paper Matte.

In conclusion, the most appealing aspect of the Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is the low cost of ink, which will persist for quite a long time. But if you don’t print a lot and want a printing with lasting ink then the Epson WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank All-in-One Printer is a great alternative.

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Things to Know about Inkjet VS Laser Printer

In our daily use, we might find two common types of printer we usually use for printing. Those printers are inkjet printer and laser printer. Both inkjet and laser printer have different specifications in some aspects and sometimes bring pros and cons among the users. Do you want to know deeper about these kinds of printers? Learn more about both inkjet and laser in the following information!

What to Know About Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printer, as one of the most common types of printer that you find and use, has several pros and cons. To understand more about the inkjet printer type, check the following pros and cons information about this printer!

  • Pros

As this type of printer is already popular and many people use it, of course, it has many good sides. For example, this printer is known as a good printer that has high ability in printing documents with many heavy images. The result of printing images with this type of printer will be smoother and details of the colors.

Inkjet type printers usually have a cheaper price and it is quietly affordable to buy the ink cartridges. Overall, the prices for inkjet printers are more affordable. Besides that, the size of the printer is also smaller that make the printers are lighter. Moreover, if you have an inkjet printer, you will be more flexible in using the paper since it is welcome for glossy photo paper using or other papers as well.

  • Cons

Some cons you have to know about inkjet printers are that you have to be more diligent in cleaning this kind of printer. Besides that, you also have to know that the inkjet printers might be quiet fast but it still slower when you compare it with the laser printers.

What to Know About Laser Printers

After knowing about inkjet printers, it would be better to know about laser printer as well. Same with the inkjet, laser printer also has good sides and not-so-good sides that, at least, you have to know about. Here we go with the pros and cons of laser printer!

  • Pros

The good ability of this printer is that the laser printer has a very fast ability in printing. Even though you print many documents, this printer still okay to work with that. Moreover, if you print your documents with a laser printer, the words that turn out to be your document will be stand out sharply in black. It means this printer has good ability in printing more details and high quality text printing.

If you need a printer that can be your co-worker in handling your high-volume of printing, a laser printer is the best option for this. So, it is good to choose any laser printer if you always need a printer that is strong enough to print any documents in one time.

  • Cons

The thing you have to know about this laser printer is that even though this printer can print in fast speed, you need more time to warm up the printer. You also have to know that the price of the printer itself is usually more expensive. Sometimes, you also have to be aware with the leaked toner which will be very difficult to handle if you still unfamiliar with this kind of printer.

Those pros and cons of inkjet and laser printers could be your consideration in picking the printer for your use. So, please consider the printing volume that you need and also the other factors like price and cartridge price. After you combine those aspects and comparing to one and another, you will find the one that you need more, easily.

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Best Printers for Enterprise

An enterprise, let alone a large enterprise, definitely needs this tool called printer. A printer is a tool that functions to print a document or file onto paper media. Well, this printer is definitely needed for its function in a company.

The function of a printer for an Enterprise

Companies engaged in any field need printers to print various office needs or printer for small business. Various letters and documents related to office affairs do not always have to be digital. Therefore, at any time the file needs to be printed using a printer.

In addition to printing letters or files, the printer on the company can also be used to copy documents. Currently, thanks to technological sophistication, there are many printers that can also function as photocopiers.

In fact, this type of printer can also function as a scanner. So, if a company needs digital documents from existing physical documents, then they no longer need to create a new one, just scan it with the multifunction printer.

Therefore, a printer can have uses that are vital for a company. Because, besides being able to be used to print various files, this printer machine can also be used as a photocopier and also as a document scanner.

Printer Criteria Required by the Enterprise

Actually, a printer that is needed by the office or enterprise must meet several criteria. This is so that the printer can simplify office matters in terms of filing.

First, a printer for an enterprise must be able to accommodate basic office needs. Indeed, the basic need of the office for the printing of documents is not as difficult as the needs needed by the printing business.

Basically, printers for the office or enterprise must be able to print files with clear and easily readable printouts. This is so that the letters, files, or documents needed by the enterprise can be used properly.

Secondly, the printer for the office or enterprise should also have extra functions, for example as a document scanner or as a photocopier. This certainly can facilitate employee work, which will eventually lead to increased productivity of the enterprise.

By having a multifunction printer, the enterprise can save costs and also increase the effectiveness of employee time and performance. For example, by having this multifunction printer, the company does not need to spend more on the cost of copying documents in the copy center. Employees can work more effectively because their time is not much wasted visiting a copy center.

Printer Prices for Enterprise

The cost that an enterprise will incur for a printer may be greater than that of a small business. However, of course, the price will be much lighter when compared to other costs that the company might spend if it does not have its own printer.

There are various printer choices for the enterprise. It starts with standard printers that are mediocre, to great printers with various advanced features.

Whatever the choice, it is clear that an enterprise must choose the printer wisely. How do you decide? Of course by considering the use of any printer that is needed by the company.

To get a printer that is classified as standard may be the enterprise does not need to spend too much cost, because the price for a printer unit like that is usually around the US $ 100 to the US $ 200. However, if the enterprise decides to have a multifunction printer with features that can accommodate a variety of other office needs, so of course they can pay a higher price.

In fact, an enterprise can spend more than the US $ 1000 on a printer. That will happen only if the office does need a printer with many uses and advanced features.

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Even Small Business Needs Printers

A printer is a tool or device that functions to print something on a media that is generally in the form of paper. This printer is needed for various purposes, for example for office, school, or other purposes.

However, not only the thing mentioned earlier, but printers are also needed for business purposes. Both big and small businesses all need this device because various businesses also need to print files and we need to update printer driver for the best printer performance.

Usage of Printers for Small Businesses

The small business has various types. This depends on the field that the business is engaged in. Therefore, the printer for the needs of the small business will also be determined by the focus of the business.

If the small business runs a business in the printing sector, then there is no doubt that the small business needs a printer. However, what happens if the small business is not engaged in printing, such as online business stores, retail stores, or culinary businesses.

Still, these small businesses need printers. In general, printers are used by small businesses to print various files, especially files related to transactions, such as invoices, receipts or purchase notes, and so on.

In addition, a small business also needs a printer to print various media for promotional purposes, such as brochures, flyers, or pamphlets. By using their own printer, of course, a small business can make budget savings for physical promotion matters.

Therefore, even a small business needs at least a printer, whether it is to print transaction proofs, or other purposes such as printing promotional media. This is useful to increase business credibility while saving the budget.

What Printers that Small Business Needs

The type of printer needed by a small business is also determined by the function of the printer itself. For example, if a small business needs a printer to print receipts, the printer that is needed must also be a special printer for printing receipts.

However, if the business needs a printer to print promotional media, then you should choose a printer to print high-quality images. This is so that the printout of the printer will also be maximized.

Even so, a small business can also use ordinary printers that are used for home use. The printer can be used to print anything, including receipts and promotional media. However, of course, the results cannot be as maximal as a special printer.

Printer Prices for small businesses

The price of a printer for small businesses also varies. Again, this also depends on the type of printer itself. If we take the printer to print receipts for example, then the printer can be obtained at an affordable price.

A printer for printing receipts can be obtained at a price of less than US $ 100. Of course, this price is very affordable even for a small business. However, if a small business needs a more complex printer, then they can spend more than that for sure.

If you have a small business, then determine the printer as what your business needs. Then, you need to do a small survey in order to find out the average price of the printer.

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Canon VS HP; Which One to Choose?

Actually, we can find many brands that produce high quality of printers. For the example, we can find Canon and HP printers in the market. Both HP and Canon are having some differences in producing their printers. As both of the printer producers are popular, knowing more about each capability will be helpful for you to know the differences from both sides.

Differences between Canon and HP Printers

Both HP and Canon are popular among the users. However, some people still curious about what are actually the differences between both the brands. Then, what are the differences? Find it out here!

  • HP Printers

Usually, HP printers have good speed in printing ability. So, if you need to print your document in hurry, it is good to use HP printers. Besides that, it also has a good result in printing any images. Usually, the images will turn out good if you use Inkjet paper, and of course, good quality of images or photo for better result of printing. However, if you use the glossy photo paper, sometimes the result is not that good.

Some printers from HP are only available for one cartridge only. Yet, the price of the ink refill is quietly affordable. If you have a problem with your cartridge, it would be good if you decide to change the cartridge directly, since it would be more helpful and easy for you. Then, for the maintenance, you only need to print, at least, 1 sheet of paper in a week, thanks for the simple maintenance.

The prices of HP printers are usually affordable when it is compared with the other brands. Besides that, you also can find various printers products of HP. If you want to buy HP, you can find the single printer and even all-in-one printer product. Both the types of printers from HP have many series and still in the range of affordable price.

For those who consider having a printer with a good speed of printing ability and affordable price, printers from HP are the solution. Then, you can start to review many products of HP printers before deciding which one is the best.

  • Canon Printers

This one brand of printer is already widely known and the products are already so varied. Canon usually has slower printing ability. However, it is quite good in the image printing. When you compare the price of a Canon cartridge and HP cartridge, the cartridge of Canon will be more expensive, so you have to prepare more money for it.

Some printers have a different type of printers’ construction, so some printers need to be serviced by the expert when it has a problem with the cartridge. Yet, some others only need to change the cartridge. You also need more frequent to maintenance the printers; you need at least do printing for twice a week.

For the price of the printers from Canon, it is not that expensive and not belongs to the most expensive. Yet, it is not also the cheapest one. At least, the range of the price is still affordable for most people and still good for home use only. You also can find the Canon products of All-in-One printer or single printer only.

So, if you want to consider the most affordable printer for home use, choosing HP printers will be good for you. However, in certain aspects, Canon can provide a better result in printing documents. You also can compare the other aspects of both the brands to know which one is more suitable for your needs. At least, these previous comparison is helpful for you to know the basic information about both HP and Canon. That’s all!

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Get More Storage with These External Hard Drives!

Do you need more additional storage to keep your important data that can be brought everywhere? Actually, having additional storage to keep your data or software can be helped by the existence of flash drives. Most people already familiar with flash drives and they have it in various size of memory. However, some people prefer to use harddisk or hard drives to keep the bigger memory of documents or files inside.

Best Hard Drives of Harddisk for Use

Flash drives might still become the option for some people because it has a small size and easy to carry. However, the existence of external hard drives can also be an option for you. Even though the size is not that small, it still friendly to be carried everywhere and offers more space for your documents. Then, find your best external hard drives for use here!

  • Seagate Backup Plus Slim

As it has ‘slim’ word on its name, the size of this external hard drives represents it very well. It has a slim size that makes you easy to put it in any pocket of your laptop’s bag. As it has slim shape, this hard drive is very less heavy and you will be easy to carry it. Besides that, this hard drive also has the support of USB 3.0 which will make the transferring data process will be faster.

You can use this hard drive for PC and even Mac because it is supported with NFTS drives for both Mac and PC. So it will be easier for you to transfer your data without considering the system of the device where you will transfer. For the memory, you can find it available up to 2TB.

  • Samsung Portable SSD T5

Actually, this external hard drive is the most recent SSD from Samsung. It still uses the AES 256-bit encryption. However, it is upgraded up to USB 3.1 Gen 2, which means this SSD will have faster performance than its predecessor. Meanwhile, for the memory, it is available up to 2TB, so you can keep many documents as well.

The size of Samsung Portable SSD T5 is also easy to carry everywhere. You can look for the cover for your SSD if you need the safer protection of your important Samsung Portable SSD T5. So, are you interested in having this external hard drive?

  • G-Technology G-drive ev RaW

This external hard disk is supported with USB 3.0 and also SATA interface. Besides that, it comes with variants of HDD and SSD, so you can choose the one that you need more. This external hard drive is actually preformatted for Mac, but if you use Windows instead, you still can reformat this hard drive and make it available for your Windows.

Each external hard drive that already mentioned before has different specification and charm. You can even choose based on its size, its design, memory, and more about the specifications. Whatever is your choice, consider more about the use of the hard drive so that you can choose which one is having the best specifications for your needs.

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